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About Me... 

I was born in Scotland, the youngest of four children, and the third child with the creative gene. My mum was a secretary and dad was a welder but he painted in oils in his spare time.  He painted what he saw, people he knew, scenes from life or places we’d been.  When he worked on the oil rigs he used to paint seascapes, and ships that passed.  He was an exceptional amateur artist in my humble and slightly biased opinion!  I used to sit on his knee when he painted sometimes and he’d let me put in tiny paint strokes that had no material impact on there painting but gave me a huge sense of achievement. My eldest sister has a degree in graphic design and my brother is now a sculptor in Australia gaining critical acclaim for his work.


In my late teens, I moved south to work with horses as I’ve always loved animals and nature, and horses in particular. Self taught like my dad, painting had always been a hobby until this period, when people used to ask me to paint pictures of their pets on a semi-professional basis.

However, after a few years of that, I got a "proper job" and painting became more of an occasional hobby, except for the odd gift I would do for friends or family. Then in December 2019 I was offered redundancy from my corporate role and decided the time was right and the universe was telling me to dust off my talents and make some use of them, so I decided to set up a professional art studio.


I work mainly in pencil and watercolour but since starting the studio I am beginning to explore other mediums and styles, and like my dad I enjoy painting what I see in life so horses feature heavily in my work as I own to polo ponies which I play in the summer. Anyone who knows me, knows I enjoy a good laugh and I also like to bring some of that to my work!

You'll find a selection of my work available on this site and please feel free to get in touch if you would like to commission a specific piece.



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